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Kindergarden 5 and 6 Kindergarden 5 and 6
80 years ago.... 80 years ago....
Angry Hulk Angry Hulk
Antifa Thugs Antifa Thugs
Rand, Paul & Ryan Rand, Paul & Ryan pic
Bag of air Bag of air
Best Cat Pic
bible rules!
birthday cake birthday cake
Border Wall Trump Border Wall Trump
Born in 50s Born 50s
Brains Brains
Broom Broom
Find the Butter at Grandmas Find the Butter at Grandmas
call very important call very important
Called me ugly called me ugly
Cat / Lawn Cat / Lawn
Cheers-real enemy Cheers-real enemy
Deplorable Deplorable
DJTrump-VoterID DJTrump-VoterID
Dimwit Pinocchio Dimwit Pinocchio
DJT-Republicans are Dumb DJT-Republicans are Dumb
Donald, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric Donald, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric
Fixed The Drip Fixed The Drip
Talk + Duct Tape duct-tape cartoon
Dumpster Fire Dumpster Fire
Eating Out Eating Out
Einstein / Stupidity Einstein / Stupidity
Elmer Fudd Hunting Elmer Fudd Hunting
Facepalm 1 facepalm 1
Facepalm 2 facepalm 2
Facts Facts
Fight Facsim / Social Duty Fight Facsim-It's a Social Duty
Doggie Food Pill Doggie Food Pill
frog parking & toad frog toad
Generations by Years Generations by Years
Good Wine Good Wine
GOP Aging Strategy GOP Aging Strategy
GOP Devolution GOP Devolution
Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat
harder to be a liberal It's harder to be a liberal
I'm a Republican I'm a Republican /w Nancy Reagan
Georgia Peach+briefs Georgia Peach+briefs
Karma Happens Karma Happens
your kind of stupid kind-of-stupid
Knockout! knockout
Leg Tears leg tears
Lies of DT per week Lies of DT per week
Life is Hard life-is-hard-stupid
Got Bad Luck Thinking Got Bad Luck Thinking
Make Orwell Fiction Again Orwell Fiction Again
Melania Trump 2001 GQ mag melania-trump-2001-GQ-mag
Mike Drop micdrop.jpg
Michigan NORML michigan-norml-marijuana-cannabis-min-678x381.jpg
Most Dangerous Liars MostDangerousLiars.jpg
Mr. Rogers mr_rogers
My Mouth my_mouth
No BS n-bs-01
No BS 2 n-bs-02
No BS 3 n-bs-03
No BS 4 n-bs-04
Nerd & Laptop Nerd Laptop
New Left NewLeft
Now Comes The Part NowComesThePart-Laughter
O-bstruction O-bstruction
Face Palm x4 oh-my-oh-my
Old Party Dude old_party_dude
Organize! Fish Eating Fish Organize-Fish-eating-fish_BlueRed
Patriot Act patriot-act
Phone Staff Rude phone_staff_rude
Pocket Stuff pocket_stuff
Power Horders/Trump power-horders-trump
Should States Prosecute Homeless? prosecute homeless
Treason Summit 22/18
Putin & Trump Lap Dance Putin-Trump-lap-150x150
Reefer! reefer
Reefer! 2 reefer2
Uncle Sam wants you! Sam-you
Santa 2018 santa2018
Scooby Doo scooby
Self Help self-help
Gone Smoking smoking
Snake snake
Snake 2 snake 2
Snake 3 snake 3
Snake 4 snake 4
Snoopy snoopy-tongue
Sock Sock
Southern Christmas Southern Christmas
Split Personality Split Personality
Brown Squirrel Brown Squirrel
Grey Squirrel Grey Squirrel
Home Squirrel 1 Home Squirrel 1
Home Squirrel 2
Home Squirrel 3 Home Squirrel 3
Home Squirrel 5
Stupid Venn 2018 Stupid Venn
Stupid Monthly Checks? Stupid Monthly Checks?
Tots And Pears Tots And Pears
Troll Away Spray Troll Away Spray
Troll Typing troll-typing
Trump's Annual Medical Trump's Annual Medical
Trump Sans Makeup
Trump the Liar 1/9/19
Trump_Twilight-Zone Trump Twilight Zone
Trump Nightmare 10 minutes Trump Nightmare-10 minutes
U Dumb Ass
Umbrella Umbrella
GOP voting guide GOP voting guide
Wallmart Cash Registers Wallmart Cash Registers
Wife Conversation Wife Conversation
Punchinello punchinello
Zany Zany