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20-year Drinkers

Home School Teacher

Ain't going anywhere

covid03.png picture
Laying in bed

covid04.png picture
In a meeting!

covid05.jpg picture
Cat Sunrise
covid06.jpg picture
Slap me!

covid07.png picture
covid09.jpg picture
Beat the System

covid10.jpg picture
Can't fix Stupid

covid11.png picture
Out for Fun

covid12.jpg picture
Nyquil Student

covid13.png picture
His text

covid14.jpg picture

covid15.jpg picture
After all...

covid16.png picture
Avoiding ...

covid17.jpg picture
Turn about!

covid18.jpg picture
Yard sale ?

covid19.jpg picture
Saturday Night Fever

covid20.jpg picture
Time Out!

covid21.jpg picture
Farmer Fun

covid22.jpg picture
Square meal Bun

covid23.jpg picture
Door opens ...

covid24.jpg picture
Nostalgic Immunity

covid25.jpg picture
Got my ticket...
covid26.jpg picture
Making do(do)

covid27.jpg picture
Neg/Pos People

covid28.jpg picture
Back to work?

covid29.jpg picture
Patient 1

covid30.jpg picture

covid31.jpg picture

Club - Clothed

ClothedClub pic

Denny's pic

Encounters.jpg pic
Almost Impossible

Almost Impossible pic
Jesus Ride Ass

JesusRideAss.jpg pic
Lent Give Ups

LentGiveUp.jpg pic
Life is a Movie?

LifeMovie.jpg pic
Texas-Wash Hands!

Texas-Wash Hands! pic
VIRUS! Uninstall 2020!

Uninstall2020.jpg pic
Whataboutism !

whataboutism.png pic

Zombies.jpg pic

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