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Trump's Terrorist Insurrection

Started: January 6, 2021
Treason Day [photo]

January 15, 2021

For first time, federal prosecutors label Jan. 6 ‘violent insurrection,’ and ‘armed revolution’
  ~ Mark Sumner / Daily Kos Staff

Assault on Capitol included horrifying violence, coordinated attacks, and police on both sides
  ~ Mark Sumner / Daily Kos Staff
The other thing that shocked police wasn’t the fact that they were facing off with forces at least as well equipped as they were, but the goals of those forces. From the beginning, it was obvious that insurgents entered the Capitol not with the intent of just waving flags at statues, but to assault members of Congress directly.

Federal judge gently pats zip tie insurrectionist on the head, and sends him home
  ~ Dartagnan / Daily Kos Community

January 14, 2021

The Leaders of the Riot Were Paid!
  ~ middleoftheroadDem / Daily Kos Community

‘We have receipts’: Analysis details $170 million in corporate gifts to GOP lawmakers who voted to overturn Biden win
  ~ Andrea Germanos / Common Dreams via AlterNet

Rep. Brian Mast is a craven, repulsive liar, but we can still answer his question
  ~ Hunter / Daily Kos Staff

Who removed the panic buttons in Ayanna Pressley’s office?
  ~ HarpboyAK / Daily Kos Community

Impeachment Vote: I Don’t Think Anyone Has Really Wrapped Their Head Around What Happened Yesterday
  ~ AlyoshaKaramazov / Daily Kos Community

January 13, 2021

QAnon extremist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden
  ~ JGibson / Daily Kos Community

Biden has an obvious and easy answer to Republican calls that he stop Trump’s impeachment
  ~ RETIII / Daily Kos Community
Biden should tell them: “Sorry, Trump can’t pardon himself, and I can’t pardon him either.”

Pelosi signs Trump articles of impeachment ‘sadly, with heart broken’
  ~ Joan McCarter / Daily Kos Staff

Multiple Republican representatives accused of helping to plan January 6 insurrection
  ~ Mark Sumner / Daily Kos Staff

Pelosi Announces Lawmakers Will Be Fined $5,000 If They Bypass Metal Detectors To House Floor
  ~ PvtJarHead / Daily Kos Community

New metal detectors in Congress are also detecting Republican entitlement
  ~ Laura Clawson / Daily Kos Staff

Footage Emerges Of Terrorists Inside Capitol Talking About The Building’s Schematics.
  ~ Seashells / Daily Kos Community

Trump Will Lose his Trump Organization. Strap-in friends, for a Schadenfreude Smörgåsbord!
  ~ AlyoshaKaramazov / Daily Kos Community

New York City terminates Trump Organization contracts over criminal activity
  ~ Laura Clawson / Daily Kos Staff

January 12, 2021

WOW: Congresswoman says GOP Reps led extremists through Congress on “Reconnaissance” before coup
  ~ Blue Tuesday / Daily Kos Community

Off-duty cops from across the country identified as participants in Capitol insurrection
  ~ Aysha Qamar / Daily Kos Staff
Capitol police: more than 50 law enforcement officers who responded to the violence on Wednesday were injured by the white supremacists.

More evidence of treason: FBI sent warning that extremists planned Jan. 6 assault on Congress
  ~ Hunter / Daily Kos Staff

Army investigating active-duty special forces officer for participation in D.C. riot
  ~ Walter Einenkel / Daily Kos Staff

impeach2021.png picture
Totally deserved! Let's do it.

January 11, 2021

★ Holy S--- FBI warns of ‘huge uprising’ planned by Trump supporters
  ~ Laura Clawson / Daily Kos Staff

★ ★ House has the votes to impeach Trump—again
  ~ Joan McCarter / Daily Kos Staff

An Open Letter to the Republican Party
  ~ TokyoSand / Political Charge

Camp Auschwitz hoodie wearing neo-Nazi thug identified
  ~ ComfortablyNumb / Daily Kos Community
Robert Keith Packer - of Virginia

January 10, 2021

Impeachment push builds, 2 GOP senators want Trump to resign
  ~ Darlene Superville, Alan Fram and Mary Clare Jalonick / APNews

Trump’s secretary of defense is either incompetent or a traitor. He must be removed
  ~ Hunter / Daily Kos Staff

Must watch video from Arnold
  ~ teacherken / Daily Kos Community
Very worth viewing.   —   Link to twitter: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Congress member declared “Today is 1776,” tweeted re Pelosi’s location during insurrection
  ~ Clio2 / Daily Kos Community
Lauren Opal Boebert, 34-year-old firearms enthusiast, covid-restrictions refusenik, QAnon sympathizer, somehow or other brand-new newly-sworn-in member of Congress from the third district of Colorado. Remember her name and remove her.

Susan J. Demas: Fascists planted their flag in the U.S. Capitol this week. Let’s stop denying it.
  ~ Susan J. Demas / Michigan Advance

January 9, 2021

Trump-appointed Pentagon officials rename assault on Capitol—prepare to be outraged
  ~ Mark Sumner / Daily Kos Staff
The Pentagon is calling Wednesday’s events “First Amendment Protests.”

Statement from the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival on the Events of January 6th
  ~ Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, Repairers of the Breach, Co-Chair, Poor People’s Campaign
  ~ Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Co-Chair, Poor People’s Campaign

January 8, 2021

Impeachment and Criminal Liability
  ~ Teri Kanefield / Attorney and Author

2 Arrests Made of High-Profile Participants in DC Riot
  ~ Newser Editors / Newser Staff

‘Hitler Was Right on One Thing,’ Lawmaker Says
  ~ Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff / Newser Staff
Illinois Republican congresswoman now faces calls to resign

Troubling Details Emerge in Death of Capitol Officer
  ~ John Johnson / Newser Staff
‘New York Times’ reports Officer Brian Sicknick was assaulted with a fire extinguisher

Kim vows to improve ties with outside world at party meeting
  ~ HYUNG-JIN KIM / Associated Press

Pelosi, Democrats lay plans for swift Trump impeachment
  ~ Lisa Mascaro, Mary Clare Jalonick and Zeke Miller / APNews

Trump remains defiant, Pence refuses to act. Impeachment is inevitable and must start now
  ~ Joan McCarter / Daily Kos Staff

Trump’s new officials at Pentagon blocked National Guard from ‘interacting with’ insurrectionists
  ~ Mark Sumner / Daily Kos Staff

Lucy Lawless (the Warrior Princess) very perceptively smacks down the Flying Monkeys
  ~ AKALib / Daily Kos Community
  Lucy Lawless Slams ‘Hercules’ for Antifa Conspiracy Theory
⇒ Too much good stuff in this to not share.

Breaking Gen Honore Accuses Capitol Police of Complicity
  ~ Phil In Denver / Daily Kos Community

‘Loved’ terrorists got thrown under Trump bus; NOW are seriously groveling for mercy
  ~ SemDem / Daily Kos Community

Breaking: Wisconsin’s biggest paper urges traitor Ron Johnson’s expulsion from the Senate
  ~ Blue Tuesday / Daily Kos Community

January 7, 2021

What the Holy Heck is Going On?
  ~ Teri Kanefield / Attorney and Author
Trump Crimes: Discussion of Removal

Hurt feelings, anger linger after Pence, Trump clash
  ~ Jull Colvin / Associated Press

Capitol Police rejected offers of federal help to quell mob
  ~ Colleen Long, Lolita Baldor, Michael Balsamo and Nomaan Merchant / APNews

Pelosi Calls For Removing Trump From Office
  ~ Kara Voght / MotherJones
The Speaker said that if Pence declines to invoke the 25th Amendment, Congress would consider impeachment.

★ ★ 100+ Civil Rights, Racial Justice, Labor, and Grassroots Groups Demand Trump Be Immediately Removed from Office, Co-Conspirators Held Accountable
  ~ by DemCast Staff / DemCast

A Majority of House Republicans Just Sided With the Mob
  ~ Tim Murphy / MotherJones
121 of them voted to overturn Arizona’s election.

At least 6 Michigan residents arrested in connection to US Capitol riot
  ~ Darcie Moran and Clara Hendrickson / Detroit Free Press

EPI denounces the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol
  ~ The Economic Policy Institute

Bomb threat called in to Michigan Capitol, facilities manager says
  ~ Kara Berg and Carol Thompson / Lansing State Journal

It wasn’t just Washington, D.C.: Pro-Trump rallies across the country threatened violence
  ~ Laura Clawson / Daily Kos Staff

Rep. Matt Gaetz providing cover for Nazis who carried out insurrection against the United States
  ~ Mark Sumner / Daily Kos Staff

Not-A-Clue20200106.png Picture
One photo sums it up.
No words needed.

To me, the one photo that sums up yesterday. No words needed. Check out the t-shirt.
  ~ CameronProf / Daily Kos Community
  ~ Insurrectionist ldentified:Above

Some among America's military allies believe Trump deliberately attempted a coup and may have had he
  ~ zman1527 / Daily Kos Community

Myth of ‘Exceptionalism’ Shattered as Globe Expresses Shock Over ‘Day of Shame for American Democracy’
  ~ Julia Conley, staff writer / Common Dreams
“After four norm-shattering years of Trump, it took just a few hours of mob rule to make America look pretty ordinary, and as fragile as anywhere else.”

Threats to ‘Storm the Capitol’ were public. Why did police let it happen anyway?
  ~ Laura Clawson / Daily Kos Staff

Capitol Police leadership have some very serious questions to answer
  ~ Laura Clawson / Daily Kos Staff

Listen: Rudy Giuliani urges the wrong senator to 'slow it down' so Trump has more time to overturn the election
  ~ Cody Fenwick / Alternet
Rudy does it again: Wrong message to the wrong senator! Oops!

January 6, 2021

Donald Trump Is Now a Terrorist Leader
  ~ David Corn, Washington, DC, Bureau Chief / MotherJones
The attack on the Capitol is the culmination of Trumpism, and the GOP owns this.

★ ★ ★ Project Lincoln ★ ★ ★
We made this pre-election, thinking that we’d never have to release it.

Pro-Trump protesters gather in Lansing as violence erupts in D.C
  ~ Christian Martinez / Lansing State Journal

President Obama's Statement About Today’s Coup Attempt
  ~ JoanMar / Daily Kos Community

At pro-Trump rally, militia leader claims accused Whitmer plotters are ‘not guilty’
  ~ Todd A. Heywood / Michigan Advance